Short Stories

Fede Cheti e gli Arredatori Contemporanei - Paolo Buffa #1

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In the 1948 winter, Fede Cheti, a creator of furnishing fabrics, opens in Milan the exhibition Lo Stile nell’Arredamento Moderno, inviting the most notorious architects of the moment.
The projects of Albini, Buffa, Chiesa, Lacca, Mollino, Parisi, Ponti, Rava, Sottsass Jr., Ulrich and others, will be appreciated for their fancy and sophisticated realization and they will be considered ambassadors of the Italian style in the world.

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Between the projects presented by Buffa, a small armchair in solid rosewood with a backrest marked by thin vertical rods and geometric carvingsplaced at the end of the cymatium and of the armrests.

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The same model, in lemon wood, rare and precious essence used by Buffa in his most special works, and complete with cushion in yellow silk, is now available in our historical department.
Sizes: cm.60,5x58xh.42/102,5

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The catalog of the exhibition will be released in 1949 edited by Guglielmo Ulrich with the title Arredatori Contemporanei. It is considered an unfindable object, in particular in its version with the cover in Fede Cheti original fabric.
An exemplary with white and red stripes is now available in our bookshop.

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