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HANDICRAFT & DESIGN, yesterday and today



Eredi Marelli is the natural continuation to the original workshop founded in Cantù in 1934. We are speaking about a handicraft firm, whose task has been from its beginning the production of a new design furniture: designed by popular architects in Milan who could take properly care of the quality in their execution and materials choice. From wooden and metal inlays to brass fusion, from valuable and esteemed hardwoods up to the care and the finish of any single detail.
CONTEMPORARY - HISTORICAL - INTERIORS are the main fields where Eredi Marelli witnesses, today as ever, handicraft meeting with design: the architect knowledge and his ideas meets the producer skills, his technique and the use of materials in a handicraft workshop.
Handicraft & Design, yesterday and today is their “red thread” linking one to the other: the offer of single pieces of contemporary taste, the research and the valorization of the unique and original piece of the past and the execution of entire cut to size furnishings according to customer’s taste.
Because handicraft is about detail, material, specialization, territory, tradition, customize…
Because design is charming beauty, elegance that makes the difference, bursting identity…
Because handicraft & design is Italy, what else?


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The logo was designed in 1982 by Bruno Munari


Timeless design and old gestures. Materials, essences and renewed finishes. Looking to the future!

The past charme in search of the unique piece with its lived and its history. Stories about products, manufactories and people…

Project and execution, hearing and customization. The furniture is sewn like a dress and it is unique like its client.

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  • Rosewood drawers furniture
  • Cabinet “bugne”
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  • Indian rosewood inlaid cabinet
  • Paolo Buffa inlay
  • Tiny armchair
  • Picture-frame
  • Cabinet “bugne” in lacquered version
  • Paolo Buffa low table
  • Seating chair
  • Appendiabiti - Parisi eng
  • Consolle Rava
  • Sedie
  • Parisi_coffee table
  • Buffa - Tinello
  • Centrotavola Mangiarotti
  • Divano - Buffa
  • Mangiarotti-vaso-2019
  • Colorwood - Mangiarotti eng
  • Mangiarotti - portafrutta
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Eredi Marelli’s showroom is open for those who are looking for something different, original, new, unique for their homes or offices.
Selected choice, constantly updated, offering the best of high quality design handicraft, either historical, therefore, unique and unrepeatable for its originality, or of current production and coming from those lands where design takes part in the productive local cultures, renewing their shapes and uses.
From Cantù’s furniture to Volterra’s alabaster, Apuane’s marbles, Albisola’s and Montelupo Fiorentino's ceramics and much more, architects new ideas now blend with techniques, uses of materials and with the most sophisticated manufacturing Italian handicraft.
A place where you can buy even just a book and learn about stories of products, designers and manufactories spread all over Italy.


Showroom opening hours:

  • Tuesday - Friday: 9 -12 am | afternoon by appointment
  • Saturday by appointment
  • Via IV Novembre, 11 - 22063 Cantù (Como) ITALY
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The Short stories tell of people and important things done.
They are an Italian journey to discover the meeeting between the ideas of an architect and the skills of a craftmen.



 ".....the architect’s knowledge and ideas meet the technique and the use of materials in a handicraft workshop."

As a culmination of a successful collaboration which lasted for thirty years, the Paolo Buffa Archives (Milano 1903-1970) are guarded at the Eredi Marelli.